Elee Kirk

Children, Nature, Museums



June 2015 – 3rd International Conference of the International Childhood and Youth Research Network ‘Theory and Method in Child and Youth Research’. I presented a paper entitled “Law in children’s lives: Meeting the challenge of including children’s voices in game-based research”.

June 2015 – ‘Refloating the Ark’ Conference, Manchester Museum. I presented a paper entitled “Museums as spaces for growing young nature lovers”.

March 2015 – Visitor Studies Group Conference. I participated in a panel on the future of visitor studies.

July 2014 – Centre for the Study of Childhood and Youth 5th International Conference ‘Researching children’s everyday lives: socio-cultural contexts.’ I co-lead a panel entitled “A time and a place: Exploring the impact of space on research methodologies with children.”

May 2014 – Anthropology & Photography. I presented a paper entitled “Budding Photographers: Young Children’s Use of Digital Cameras in a Museum.”

July 2012 – I participated in the Vitae Midlands Hub Regional Poster Competition. My poster (as below), was awarded Third Prize. In addition, I received the Extra-Ordinary Prize for Poster Summary for a Non-Specialist Audience.

May 2012 – I participated in the University of Leicester Festival of Postgraduate Research. My poster, entitled “Through a Low-Down Lens: Young Children’s Perspectives of a Natural History Museum”, was awarded the Elsevier Peer Recommendation Prize.

March 2012 – NatSCA Conference in London. I presented a paper entitled “Gaining Young Children’s Perspectives on Natural History Collections”.

March 2012 – Leicester Museum Studies PhD Conference, Museum Utopias. I presented a paper with Dr Will Buckingham entitled “Invisible Museums and Multiple Utopias”.

September 2011 – ICOM CECA conference in Zagreb. I presented a paper entitled “Speaking, Hearing and Translating One Hundred Languages in Museums”.

September 2011 – I received a bursary to attend the British Educational Research Association conference in London, where I presented a paper entitled “Mosaic in the Museum: The challenge of adapting the Mosaic approach to museum settings”.

July 2011 – Creative Engagements: Thinking with Children (Interdisciplinary.net) conference in Oxford. I presented a paper entitled “A school trip for Reggio Emilia: Enhancing child-led creativity in museums”.

September 2010 – I received a bursary to attend the Group for Education in Museums Conference. My reports on a number of conference papers are published in Journal of Education in Museums, issue 31.


Guest Lectures & Public Presentations

30th June 2015 – I led a workshop entitled “What do children really think about museums?” for the University of Leicester School of Museum Studies MA Summer School.

13th May 2015 – Interviewed about my research for the Boundary Objects podcast.

27th March 2015 – Talk for CSCY Children, space and place group, University of Sheffield, on ‘Young children’s navigations and negotiations in a museum’.

20th March 2015 – Lunchtime Lecture for the Leicester Adult Education Service, on ‘Seeing a natural history museum through young children’s photographs’

February 2015 – I took part in the PubhD Leicester event, in which researchers present their work in an entertaining way to non-specialist audiences.

October 2011 – Brown Bag Lunch Lecture for King’s College London.

October & November 2011 – I was awarded the Alison James bursary by the Visitor Studies Group to carry out a research and networking trip to the USA, with a focus on museums and museum studies departments in New York, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Washington DC.