Elee Kirk

Children, Nature, Museums


(forthcoming) Kirk, E (2015) “Budding Photographers: Young children’s digital photography in a museum”, in Stylianou-Lambert, T. (ed.), Museums and Visitor Photography: How Visitors Use Photography, MuseumsEtc.

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Kirk, E (2014) “Crystal Teeth and Skeleton Eggs: Snapshots of young children’s experiences in a natural history museum“. Doctoral thesis, University of Leicester.

Kirk, E (2013) “Gaining Young Children’s perspectives on natural history collections.” Journal of Natural Science Collections 1, 38-43.

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Kirk, E. (2012) “A school trip for Reggio Emilia: Enhancing child-led creativity in museums”, in Jacobs, R. (ed.), Creative Engagements with Children: International Perspectives and Contexts (ebook), Inter-disciplinary.net, 133-41.

Dodd, J., Jones, C., Watson, S., Golding, V. & Kirk, E. (2011) “An Evaluation of the Their Past Your Future 2 Programme 2008-10”, MLA
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